Get Ready To Be Hungry!

The Buck Stops Here has a consistent menu of delicious meat and deli favorites, along with specials that change daily and rotate frequently. You can dine in or take your items home. We also have packaged items in the store including frozen lamb, veal, chips, Tastycakes, both frozen and hot pizza, frozen fish, pasta salads, and soft drinks. At the counter, you’ll find wrapped sandwiches and pastries. We also have ribeye, steaks, shrimp, fish, and chicken. Popular specials include Stuffed Trout, Seared Ahi, Fajita Hoagie, and Tri-Tip Hoagie. We also have a hot and cold deli, grill, salad, and sides menu. You can also get beer, wine, liquor, and juice here. Check out our full menu below.

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